Custom packaging design

Our main service is specializing in design and the overall development of packaging as well as marketing items mainly made of paper, plain and corrugated board.

We have a database of several hundred custom packaging designs, so we can respond to most enquiries within a few days by sending you first design as a PDF rendered in a 3D format. To view our 3D you will need the latest Acrobat Reader, which you can download here. The virtual 3D model can be rotated, zoomed in/out and illuminated in different ways. 

If you are already satisfied at this stage that the 3D preview matches your brief and requirements, we will create a mock-up on the plotter with the parameters of the real product (same material, complete accuracy and full functionality). We charge a flat fee for the creation of the mock-up; this fee is usually deducted from the invoice if you decide to entrust the subsequent production to us. 

After client approval of the mock-up, we will send a print template/grid in your chosen vector format at a scale of 1:1 so your graphic design team can apply your artwork, text or visuals etc. All printing grids or drawings provided by us are governed by specific rules, especially if it is a design for which which we own the copyright. In some cases, we will ask you to sign a "Confidentiality and Use of Copyrighted Design Agreement" before providing data. 

For more information, enquiries and assignments, please contact us at or fill in the form in the Contact Us section.